The Super Rider SR5 is a high spec, fully ready-to-run 1/4 scale dirt bike with all electronics and other components pre installed in the factory. We are very excited to be able to bring this awesome new RC bike to our UK customers.

Amazing stability!

Thanks to its revolutionary ESS gyro stability system the SR5 is able to retain its balance even at very slow speeds. This, combined with its fearsome power make it a machine you can use just about anywhere - rough or smooth.

More fun than four wheels!

This is no 'kid's toy'. When you take your first ride with the SR5 you'll discover it is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Although the inbuilt gyro gives great stability, there's still a fair degree of skill required to control and stay upright - especially when pushing to the limits. Practice increases skill and confidence – allowing more satisfying enjoyment than can be gained from your average 4 wheeled RC car or buggy.


Click to play video of the Super Rider SR5 RC Bike. More videos here

Forget Nitro!

Advances in electric motor and battery technology, as featured on the SR5, give this big quarter scale bike bucket loads of power and torque. No need for the messy, unreliable, grief of fuel powered machines. Just watch the video below...

Motocross is tough - so is this bike!

The SR5 has been constructed using super strong components - including heavy aluminium main frame and carbon fibre re-inforced plastic parts. We have tested the bike thoroughly ourselves and can absolutely vouch for its durability in even the most extreme situations.

We've got everything you need...

Charge the battery and you're ready to run! Just choose your options from the list below. The B6D programmable charger for faster charging and an extra battery to enable longer running times. Need spares? We stock all the parts you'll need to keep running.

Want even more power?

Choose the 3S battery option and get even more aggressive performance from your SR5.

*2S LiPo offers longer run time with good speed.

*3S LiPo offers crazy power, for experienced riders only!


Inc VAT £
   •  Big 1/4 scale 
   •  Strong and durable red anodized aluminum chassis 
   •  Metal chain driven transmission
   •  Revolutionary stability technology ESS (Electronic Stability System)
   •  Gyro effect governor
   •  Monster power system, easy & quick installation and maintenance. 
   •  Selectable RPM suitable for both beginners and experienced user
   •  Rear oil shock absorber  
   •  Motor:  540 Brushless 3200KV 

   •  ESC:   60A 
   •  Wheel Front:   160mm 
   •  Wheel Rear:   150mm 
   •  Length:   525mm 
   •  Height:   416mm 
   •  Weight:   3040g 
   •  Radio: 2.4G 
   •  Battery: 2-3S LiPo 
   •  High-Torque Servo 

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